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Our Process

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Initial Consultation

Profiling & Assessment

Identification of Qualified Candidates

An experienced consultant discusses with the hiring manager why the position is open, technical skills required, the corporate culture and what specific qualities are important.

Our skilled team develops a strategy specific to each requirement. Client’s history, business functions, and corporate culture are reviewed to further define the most suitable candidate profile.

Applicants will be reviewed and assessed by one of our experienced consultants against a consistent set of selection criteria; which is specific for each essential requirement.

Business Meeting

Interview Scheduling

Reference & Security Checks

Offer & Acceptance

Your dedicated consultant will work with both clients and candidates to schedule an interview that will be both convenient and discreet for all parties involved.

Once all interviews are completed, and a hiring decision is made, we conduct a professional and diligent reference and security check in a timely manner so that a final decision can be made.

We work with candidates to resolve any issues in order for clients to make an offer that will be accepted, confirm acceptance of the terms of employment in writing and inform all parties.

Our Process: Employers
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